Amazon Checklist – Part 1

THE AMAZON FBA CHECKLIST   CHOOSING YOUR PRODUCT CREATING TRAFFIC INCREASING THE TRAFFIC OPTIMIZING YOUR BRAND     PART 1 - CHOOSING YOUR PRODUCT To sell a product successfully through Amazon FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon) today can be very difficult. If you...

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Know Your Elevator Speech

I was asked the other day to tell a small group at a meeting what I do.  Afterwards I realised that I had delivered a rambling response which likely tuned off the listeners and I would guess they would not have remembered a thing I said.  If the listener is confused...

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The Power of Mobile

It is important for online sellers to recognize that the majority of customers now shop on mobile. Estimates are that it could now be over 80%. There have been numerous studies on mobile traffic and these show that there are now significantly more users accessing the...

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Product Images For Amazon

Good images of your product are a vital part of your Amazon Product page.  Here are a few things to remember to fully optimize this part of your product listing. Check in Amazon’s terms of business to find out how many images you are allowed and the guidelines for...

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