How to get Reviews for Amazon Products


Today it is essential that an Amazon seller has a properly optimized product page to gain sales which should then result in natural organic reviews. This will always be the best way to get them.

There are many articles claiming successful alternative strategies about on how to get reviews for your Amazon products. A lot of them are not within Amazon’s Terms of Service and you should be aware that their algorithm is constantly watching for what they call “review manipulation”.  Remember that once there is a transaction through Amazon i.e. someone purchases from you, the customer then belongs to Amazon and may only be contacted through their messaging system.

If you decide to use any questionable methods other than the ones we suggest, you could risk your account being shut down. 

There are really only two ways to be sure you stay in compliance which are:

  • Send a follow-up email after purchase with carefully chosen wording (see below)
  • Enroll in Amazon’s Early Reviewer Program

Follow-up emails

You can send these manually through Amazon’s Buyer/Seller messaging system or use an automated tool such as Feedback Fiver or Feedback Genius or any system that integrates through the messaging system. You must, however follow Amazon’s policies for asking for feedback. These are:

DO NOT offer an incentive or rebate in exchange for a review

DO NOT offer a discount in exchange for the review

DO NOT offer a discount coupon off their next purchase ever – especially in a review request letter

DO NOT ask for a positive review.  You can ask for “honest feedback”

DO NOT say “if you are happy, please leave a review”

DO NOT send more than one request

DO NOT ask the customer to contact you direct if there are any issues with the product


We would also recommend you:

  • Send the message at least seven days after purchase to give the customer time to experience the product
  • Keep your message short and to the point
  • Make your request with a phrase like “ we would appreciate your feed back on our product”

Additionally you are allowed to add an attachment to your message so consider an instruction sheet on the product or free information about it.  We include a .pdf on how to use watercolor pencils with our set of watercolor pencils and free downloadable coloring images with our coloring greeting cards.  If people get something gifted to them they often want to give something back which could be a review..


Amazon’s Early Reviewer Program


What is the Amazon Early Reviewer Program?

Amazon reaches out at random to customers who have already purchased your product and offers them a small reward with a gift card in exchange for honest feedback in the form of a review.


Who is it for?

The program helps sellers with new products get reviews?

What is the eligibility?

You must be Brand Registered. We often mention the benefits of being Brand Registered on Amazon and this is one of them.

There is a $60 fee which is not payable until the first review is received. The program ends when you have 5 reviews through the program or after a year.

The product price must be at least $15

There must be less than 5 reviews for the product


What are the likely benefits of the program?

You can get out of the perpetual loop of needing sales to get reviews and needing reviews to get sales.

Products enrolled are more likely to get a review within 90 days of the first order

Reviews come in faster than regular reviews

Even if you start getting organic reviews the program will continue until it has delivered five reviews or a year has passed since enrollment

As usual, we recommend you read Amazon’s guidelines for yourself HERE

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