I was asked the other day to tell a small group at a meeting what I do.  Afterwards I realised that I had delivered a rambling response which likely tuned off the listeners and I would guess they would not have remembered a thing I said.  If the listener is confused about what you do you have missed your chance of a potential client or customer.  Also there is no way they can recommend you or think of someone else you may be able to help.

For those of us in business it is so important to have an “Elevator Speech” ready and also to be able to deliver it instantly.  As the name implies, it should only take as long as a brief elevator ride to present it.

Your pitch is a way to share your credentials and expertise quickly and effectively with people you don’t know.  It is also a great way to introduce yourself at networking events too.

Here is a simple three step recipe to get you started with a great basic speech.


What category are they in e.g. marketers, business owners, customers

Think about what their anxieties, problems and concerns are.  

Where do they need help.

“ I help brands and small business owners  ……….”


How is what you do the answer to where your customers need help.

“ …… optimize their product pages on Amazon ……”


What is the intended outcome and result of you helping your customer

“….so that they can rank higher and sell more”

Make your speech 20-30 seconds long.  Also it should be clear, succint and memorable.

Finally practice it so you can recite it with feeling at a drop of a hat.  I was taught that if someone woke you up in the middle of the night with the question “What do you do” you  should be able to tell them without hesitation.

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