Good images of your product are a vital part of your Amazon Product page.  Here are a few things to remember to fully optimize this part of your product listing.

  • Check in Amazon’s terms of business to find out how many images you are allowed and the guidelines for those images.  I can be up to 9 but, if you have at least 7, Amazon’s algorithm will reward you.  Use as many of those that you are allocated as possible but not too many that you loose relevancy. 

  • Use a professional product photographer if possible.

  • If you want to take the photos yourself, it is possible to get good images with an up-to-date smartphone.  In this case, and depending on the size of your product, we recommend that you invest in a simple photo studio lightbox or an Amazon Basics portable photo studio. Also a mini tripod to hold the phone steady.  The cost will be well covered by the sales you will get from having professional looking images.

  • All images should be 1,000 pixels or larger on either the height or width so that the image will be zoomable.   Customer’s are likely to move away from your listing if they find that cannot check the detail of your product close up.  Amazon’s preferred format is .jpg.

  • The main or primary image is what the customers see first. It should be stunning. Take the product out of any packaging and shoot it with a pure white background clearly showing what the product is with minimum or no propping.  Crop the image as tight as you can so that it looks as big as possible on the Amazon page.

  • Subsequent images should show the sides and back of the product.  

  • You can include an infopic i.e. an image with text labels to explain different parts of the product.  This can be very effective on mobile.

  • If your category allows, include some “lifestyle” images of your product in use so that potential customers can imagine themselves or someone in the family using it.  We suggest you use professional models rather than your own family members or pet.

  • If you show hands holding the product make sure they are attractive and the nails are well manicured.

  • If you are allowed video in your listing .. USE IT.  It should be a demonstration not a review.

  • It is believed that around 80% of Amazon buyers now shop on mobile.  Check that your images look great on mobile and tablet and are equal or better than your competition.

Finally, be aware that Amazon are likely to remove any non-compliant images.


Include any images of your own guarantees

Repeat images just to fill your image allowance

Use images that you do not own the rights to


Categories that allow lifestyle images

1 Knockout Primary Image

2+ Supplemental Images

1-2 Infopics

1-2 Lifestyle Images

Categories that do not allow lifestyle images

1 Knockout Primary Image

2+ Supplemental Images showing back, front and sides


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